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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



volume 89 

vfrgfnfa commony/eolth unfyersity 

medrcol coltege of Virgin fa 

rfchmond^ vrrglnia 

HT »r/Wfj»« ^..>imww 

On September 1 1 . 2001 . while we sat quietly in our classrooms, absorbed by the intricate details of our 
chosen professions, panic was tilling the streets of New York City. The twin 1 10-story buildings, 
where tens of thousands of people worked, collapsed after being struck by jetliners. Thick smoke and 
ash from the towers' collapse brought an artificial darkness to a city that never sleeps. And while many 
watched the TV images of the twin towers, terror struck again at the Pentagon as another jetliner 
crashed into the building. Still reeling from the shock of the day's events, another plane came crashing 
to the ground in Pennsylvania. 

Strength, courage, and confidence unimaginable in the face of such adversity swept across the country 
as we came together with a fierce conviction and commitment to lift our nation upward and onward. 
Humanity prevailed as selfless acts of benevolence became the rule, rather than the exception. 

We will always solemnly remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001- the horror, the anguish, the 
fear, the anger, and the sorrow. But we must also try to hold onto the best parts of the human spirit 
that rose above the destruction of that day, because the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen 
or touched, but are felt with the heart and soul. 

Virginia Commonwealth University 


Dedicated to the heroes and vicitms 
of the September 11, 2001 tragedy 

Dear students: 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this edition of X-Ray . Virginia Commonwealth 
University is proud of the more than 4,000 students and residents who are studying on the Medical 
College of Virginia Campus to go on to practice dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy and in 
the allied health professions. Our schools and the VCU Health System make us one of the most 
comprehensive academic health centers in the nation. 

The array of nationally and internationally recognized faculty working on new discoveries and their 
appreciations in the medical and health sciences is one of the tremendous benefits of your education 
here. From health administration to physical therapy, your faculty are attracting national recogni- 
tion for excellence in professional, graduate education and in life sciences research. They are 
involved in all aspects of your education— in the classroom, in the laboratory, and with patients. 
You are truly fortunate to be studying with such an outstanding academic core group. 

Best wishes to you on your studies. And congramlations to those of you who will be earning your 
degrees this May! 


Eugene P. Trani 


Virginia Commonwealth University 

President and Chair of the Board of 
Directors, VCU Health System 

Virginia Commonwealth University 


Virginia Commonwealth University 

Medical College of Virainia 

Virginia Commonwealtli University 

Medical College of Virginia 

Virginia Commonwealth University 



Medical College of Virginia 

Virginia Commonwealth University 



Medical College of Virginia 



School of Allied Health 




As you read this issue of the X-Ray you will be impressed by the tremendous accom- 
plishments of the School of Allied Health Profession's smdents, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

The shifting of demographic macroeconomic forces, volitility in the health care industry, 
and rapidly emerging technologies have all significantly impacted our school. As a consequence, 
we have developed state-of-the-art programs, which have enhanced our capacity for even greater 
achievement and quality improvement. By many objective measures, our school is one of the 
leading schools of allied health in the country. But to declare victory or to become too compla- 
cent would harm many of the accomplishments this school has made. Hence, we will continue our 
bold new initiatives and continue to make change happen— to continue as the neational leader in 
allied health higher education. All these things will enhance the academic and clinical excellence 
of our students. We are so proud of our smdents, as these persons will provide positive leader- 
ship in their chosen profession in the future. 

Soon many of you will be joining the ranks of our distinguished alumni. I hope you will 
remember your VCU years fondly, and maintain an active relationship with us. On behalf of the 
faculty and staff of the School of Allied Health Professions, congramlations and sincere best 
wishes for your future. 




Cecil B. Drain, PhD 

Professor and Dean 

School of Allied Health Professions 


Virginia Commonwealth University 


Clinical Laboratory Sciences 

Abdulrahman Alkhubna 
Paige Bowles 
Shannon Diggs 
Natarsha Fisher 

Tabgela Jennings 
Tonya Jones 
Stacey Lane 
Sheritta Price 


School of Allied Health 

Right: Lindsie and her pet pseudomonas. 
Far right: Ashley making her beaver face. 
Below, right: Someone is working hard. 
Bottom: Amy has no clue what she's 
looking at. 

Bottom, right: Tangela and Shannon 
pretending to be awake. 

School of Allied Health 


Far left: Paige Bowles and her pleasant smelling 


Left: Lacey washing dishes to make some extra 


Below, left: Paige, April, and Stacey charging 

toll to get down the hall. 

Bottom, left: Kindle and Ashley trying to look 

ke they know what they're doing. 
Bottom: Jason wondering what he just sat on. 


School of Allied Health 

Clinical Radiation Sciences 

Traci Baugh 

Amy Bucsit 

Lisa Darden 

Sema Dinkjian 

Lisa Doon 

Michelle Glorioso 

David S. Kang 

Daniella Montejano 

Stacy I. Mosby 

Angela Pasternak-Mercer 

Melinda Suggs 

Erin Taylor 

Rhonda Thomas 

Darlene Toroc 

A. Nicole Williams 

School of Allied Health 


Health Administration 

Eric Fitch 
Praveen Myneni 

Above, left: Richard is 
making his move on Aisha. 
Above: Stop pointing at me! 
Far left: Monideep is happy 
to be here. But, Mini isn't 
happy with Monideep. 
Left: Ariana and Linnea are 
happy to see you. 


School of Allied Health 

Right: Gilligan. look out behind you. 

It's the Crocodile Hunter! 

Below: Justin is eyeing Jay's drink. 

Below, right: Class dinner at Bottom's 


Bottom, left: Grey and Mac waltzing 

to DMX. 

Bottom, right: Lindsey and Tim: 

voted best looking couple for the 6th 

year in a row. 

School of Allied Health 


Nurse Anesthesia 

Pamela Bartee 
Mary Hao 
Andrew C. Parsons 
Suzanne M. Wright 

Occupational Therapy 

The entire Grad I OT class was embarassed yesterday when they 
all showed up to school wearing the same outfit. One dis- 
traught OT student asked. "How could this have happened?" 


School of Allied Health 

B^^K. ■■■-: E^^H 1 



^ 'tS_j| 

ito^^^K. ^r^r- 


Above: A revolutionary new 
OT procedure. . .but seri- 
ously, that's a nice DeWalt. 
Left: Uneasiness at the 
dinner table as these girls try 
to stake claim on the "hot" 

Below: Sharon and Katherine 
weaving funny looking hats. 

School of Allied Health 


Left: Valerie. Vanessa. 
Leslie, and Ann drinking 

Below: Nailah. Katherine, 
Deborah. Tiffany, and 
Jennifer representing the 
other side of the table seen 

Patient Counseling 

Ho J. Kim 

• W }H 


School of Allied Health 

Physical Therapy 

Class of 2002 

Kenneth Breath 

Jason Bridges 

Marc Forrest 

Kerry E. Gilsenen 

Stephani McCarty 

Judith Stein 

Charlene Walker 

Class of 2003 

Kirstin Anderson 

Chris Barrett 

Jazmine Basanes 

Dave Bass 

Melanie Bennett 

Ehzabeth Berman 

Evie Burnet 

Michael Carpenter 

Georgia Chambers 

Jeff Chandler 

Ann Chewning 

Cynthia Christenbury 

School of Allied Health 


The fabulous ladies of the PT class of 2003. 

Ericka Craft 
Vanessa DeCavage 
Heather Dickson 
Meredith Ehn 

Shannon Farrell 
Kevin Ford 
Angie Frith 
Gina Garofalo 

Margaret Garwood 
Bryan Gilreath 
Carol Grady 
Laurel Hackett 


School of Allied Health 

Amy getting something from Walmart disguised as a gift from Hecht's. 

Jenisha Henneghan 

G. R. Higginbotham, II 

Brandie Jackson 

Ashley King 

Anne Kramer 

Whitney Lawson 

Cortney Lewis 

Maria Lucas 

Jennifer Marshall 

Kristi Maupin 

Cathlyn Mendoza 

Beth Miller 

School of Allied Health 


Jennifer Mulligan 
Stephanie Musselman 
Stephanie Nelson 
Bonnie Pancoast 

Holly Powers 
Thomas Stief 
Crystal Thomas 
Kelly Trussell 

Jenny Waltz 
Leslie Smith Wood 

Above: Margaret and Gina always looking 


Right: Ann, Stephanie, Angle, Kelly, and 

Courtney start happy hour a little early. 




^r '^1 J 

1 1 1 -^ w 

Wm ^w^ 

1 7al ^j^ 


SH/ Sn^^H 


School of Allied Health 

Above: Ashley. Stephanie, another 

Stephanie. Gina. and Brandie 


Right: The girls hanging out. 

Below: PT class of 2004 intramural 

flag football team. Busted for 

indiscriminate androstenedione use. 

School of Allied Health 


Above, left: Look out! I heard she's 


Above: GR's birthday can mean only one 

thing... smelly bowling shoes. 

Left: Watch out for that one on the right, 

she's a real witch. 

Below, left: Stephanie. Gina. another 

Stephanie again, and Ashley trying to sit 

on each other's laps. 


School of Allied Health 


Commonwealth Ur j^ty 


School of Dentistry 

- -. 





^^^HMmmSmmlml^' ' 

The VCU School of Dentistry Class of 2002 is about to enter the dental profession to serve the 
people of Virginia and beyond. I trust you agree that you are well prepared to face the many 
opportunities and challenges your new careers will bring. We have an outstanding faculty and 
support staff that collectively comprise the best that dental education has to offer. 1 am confident 
they have provided you the breadth, depth, and quality of instruction and learning experiences that 
you need to enter the postdoctoral education program of your choice or directly into the practice 
of general dentistry or dental hygiene. For your part, you have demonstrated the capability and 
dedication needed to succeed in our profession. 

While the nation and the Commonwealth face serious economic uncertainty, you are entering a 
profession that has remained strong for its members as well as the public. The School of Den- 
tistry strives to sustain its strengths and yet improve where it can. We would like to keep you 
informed about new developments at the School, so as you pursue your professional careers. I 
would ask that you not lose touch with VCU or the School of Dentistry. 

Ronald J. Hunt, D.D.S., M.S. 
Harry Lyons Professor and Dean 

Virginia Commonwealth University 


Class of 2002 

Allan Acton 
Diana Skinner Almy 
Jason Atha 
- Randy Bamhisel 

Dan Barton 

Tom Berchtold 

Joe Bernier-Rodriguez 

Nirmal C. Bogollagama 

Jennifer Butterfoss 
Darren Chamberlain 
Jonathan Chang 
George Chene 

Monica Clisso 
Brian Cochran 
Anh Dang 
Rhea Del Castillo 

Joe Errera 
Adel Esmail 
Bobby Garofalis 
Michael Han 


School of Dentistry 

Justin Heiden 

Karrie Howard 

Judy Hsu 

Yousef A. Hussain 

Above: The inbred class of 2002. 

Right: Sam and Mark on the Budweiser Beer Pong Tour 2002 

School of Dentistry 


Cindy Leigh 
Misty Dawn Lenk 
Jason Lipscomb 
James Lund 

Chistopher Malone 
Aaron Marks 
James Mason 
Tracey Nguyen 


School of Dentistry 

Kathleen Bryant Seller 

Stacey B. Sparkman 

Tricla Tran 

Mai Truong 

Conway Upshur 
Jeff Wellman 
Rob Whicker '; 
Alex White 

Jeremy White 

Alan Wilding 

Eric Wittlinger 

Jansen Woo 

Krista Woodlock 

James Woodson 

Mark Zemanovich 

Right: Monica Clisso testing 

out a new pen. 

Far right: Alcohol and 

Dentistry about to collide in 

a mangled ball of ice and 








School of Dentistry 


Top, left: The only thing 
better than pailies at Lill's 
house are those little 
Cadbury chocolate egg 

Top, right: Watch where 
you put your beer! 
Above, left: Jimmy about to 
take out his flask of bourbon 
to give Krista a swig. 
Above: Ty, Adel. and Sean- 
great dentists, but even 
greater people. 
Left: Karrie. Anh. Tracy, 
and Eric, all starving dental 
students, share one plate of 
food and one drink. 


School of Dentistry 

Right: Helen celebrates her 19th birthday. 
Below, left: Al. Helen, and Maryam love to 
touch each other. 

Below, right: Jason and Sean fit each other into 
their tight schedules for a little QT. 
Bottom, right: Dan and Sam are sitting in an 
unusually small couch. 

School of Dentistry 


Left: Helen is always showing off her palm. 

Below: D4s coquering the mountains of West 

Virginia. Kentucky, you're next! 

Bottom, left: Sam got rid of his weak beer pong 

partner. Mark (see page 36). 

Bottom, right: Ty and Justin playing indoor mini 

basketball instead of making dentures. 


School of Dentistry 

Above: Girls making love to the camera. 

Above, right: Rhea and Travis "hot" syncing their 


Right: Krista and Karrie relaxing as Sonu leans. 

Below: Why does Helen always get to sit in the seat 

of honor at the dental happy hours? 

School of Dentistry 


Above, left: Krista and Jen spending a romantic New 

Year's together. 

Above: Ali. Adel, Wally, and Leena studying French 

hnpressionists. Or is it dentistry. 

Left: Psi Omega officers drinking virgin daiquiri's. 

Below: Kristen is pissed because she's 3man again. 


School of Dentistry 

Class of 2003 

Narjes Abtahi 

Arshia Ahmadi-Nabi 

Hadi Al-Bahrani 

Ibrahim AI-Munif 

Frank Lee Angus, Jr. 
Joe Anwah 
Majd Babik ^ 
Ricardo Benlinchon 

Zane Berry 

Jason Campbell 

Jared Cardon 

Matt Casperson 

Shane Claiborne 
Christy Coleman f 

Milton Cook 
Griffm A. Cross 

Gloria Fernandez 
Bita Fiyouzat 
Sarah Friend 
Joel Gardner 

School of Dentistry 


Jeff Graham 
Michael E. Grosso 
Joe Hopkin 
John Howard 

Left: The WiUiams. the perfect nuclear family. 

Above: Marci and Arshia double dating with Annie and Chris Libby. 


School of Dentistry 

D3s pretending to 
have fun. 

Andy Ma 

Aramesh Mahoozi 

Rob Mansman, II 

Jennifer Mark 

Gregory Mayo 
Golnaz Miamee 
Tamesha Morris 

Monica Nesliat 

School of Dentistry 


The girls "studying" 
at the lake house. 

Robbie O'Neill 
Randy Owen 
Meredith Parks 
Chris Payne 

John Peroutka 
Duey Phan 
Faline Phucas 
Annah Phung 

Brad Pierson 
Tony Raoufinia 
Bridget Reilly-Sheahan 
Jennifer Robertson 


School of Dentistry 

Sigrid Salinas 

Adam Salzberg 

Scott D. Schlensker 

Shadi Shareahi 

Emily Smith 

Marci Smith 

Ted Struhs 

Ken Thomas 

John Truiii 

Kevin Truong 

Parastu Upshur 

Mark Vaanetti 

Kelly Viau 

Clay Williams 

Annie Zimmerman 

Why are pigs the only ones 
that need dental work? 

School of Dentistry 



Above left: Allan L. Hardy (M4) and Tamesha D. 
Morris (D3). a hush hush relationship between the 
medical and dental schools. 
Above: The girls fishing for lake trout. Actually 
they're sunning and painting their nails. 
Left: Looks like he lost something up there. 
Below: Arjang. Shadi. Mark, and John in a rare 
display of dental students not in clinic. 


School of Dentistry 

Above: Kenneth Thomas unliappy with his 

Above, right: Monica and Arshia will be surgi- 
cally separated next week. 
Right: John Peroutka and his wife at the Dental 
school Fall picnic. 
Below: Kip Jones and a little cutie. 
Below, right: Meredith is trying to find the ring 
she dropped in this mouth. 

School of Dentistry 


1969 - 2001 


How do I be^in to describe a friendship that was only six vears in its infanc)', yet had an impact on me Hke it were sixt)'? 
How do I begin to thank a woman who touched m\ hfc in a way onh' she could? How do I say good-bye, \\ hen just \esterday %\as our 
first hello? 

Sig, it seems like yesterday that we were in that freshman biolog)' lecture hall v\here «e first met. This encounter would 
lead to many study sessions, where I really got to kno\y the person you really were. You were a woman « ith goals and aspirations, 
longing for a life you had put off for so long. You were a woman with compassion and empathy, yet empathy you would not receiye. 

As the years passed, you began to share with me a life which few knew you had, yet pity you would not accept. Instead of 
dwelling on your own hardships, you focused your energy on making others happy, perhaps, because your happiness was far beyond 
your reach. 

This past July you were a part of the happiest day of my Ufe. You and Erika shared a w^eekend with Laiu-a and I in Boston, as 
we celebrated our marriage. I was reminded how much you loyed our music, when the same music was played during your memo- 
rial. During those three short days, I was able to see what a wonderful mother you were. Erika, only a mere 10 years old, had e^ery 
bit of class and elegance that you portrayed. Her intelhgence was well beyond her years. She wanted to accompany you on the trip, 
because she wanted to \asit Haryard, a Uniyersity she was destined to attend. I hope when I am blessed with the gift of children, that I 
am able to raise them as %vonderfully as you did your own. 

Perhaps the most yiyid memories of our friendship were during the last vyeek of your life. You showed me more courage 
and strength during the last four days of your life than anyone has eyer shown me. As in years past, you shared with me your troubled 
life, still looking for no sjinpathy. Hovyeyer, on Thursday, the day before you passed aw-ay, I could tell there \yas something more you 
wanted to say to me, something you failed to say in the days prior. In your own way, you were sa\ing, "good-bye." You didn't want 
me to worry, but you w-anted me to know that it would be our last words to each other. I realized this as I heard of a house fire on m)' 
way to school on Friday. There were three casualties. I needed no address. 1 needed no names. I knew by your "good-bye" the day 

In yoiu- life I am not sure you knew what a wonderful person you were. I want you to know what an impact you had on my 
hfe and the liyes of all \yho met you. I hope you are now truly happy with your two children by your side. I hope someday to meet 
you again. Until then, I will striye to haye an impact on others that only you could ha\e had on mc. Until then, my friend, thank you. 
Until then . . . "good-bye . " 



School of Dentistry 

Class of 2004 

Abdulaziz Al-Jazzaf 

Abdwredha Al-Mazdi 

Mona Ali 

Kirk Brown 

Terry A. Butterfield 

Alison Cadaret 

Brian Carino 

Zachary Casagrande 

A. Heath Cash 

A. Bryce Castillon 

Shane Costa 

Julia Davis 

James Ellis 

Julie Stames Ferguson 

Justin W. Ferguson 

Marcus Field 

Darren W. Gardner 

Shannon M. Gill 

Sheila Gillespie 

Alexander N. Hawkins 

School of Dentistry 


Matthew Hill 
Lisa Hoffman 
Jon W. Jensen 
Jamie R. Johnson 


School of Dentistry 

Quoc Nguyen 
Kalpita Patel 
Mia Pham 
Cameron Quayle ] 

Brent Rusnak 

Sunee Salpetchniyom 

Sarah Sharple\ 

Brian Spears 

School of Dentistry 


Below left: Allison. Heath. Stephanie. Pedram. and Jo-Marie milling about. 

Below right: Sam. Temu, Mvemba. Saleh. Melanie. Kalpitat. and Amir not even pretending to be paying attention. 

Jennifer R. Waterman 
Ben Webber 
Melanie We.xel 
Maryam Zarei 


School of Dentistry 

Above, left: front, Zach wonders why. 

Above, right: Mona is thinking. "Is Bryce still standing over my shoulder? 

Middle row: Come on people, is class really that boring? 

Bottom row: It to rt - Bubbles, Zombie Face, Drunk Jim, and Smiley 

School of Dentistry 


Class of 2005 

Jason R. Abel 
Gaurav Agarwal 
Folake A. Akinbi 
Katherine Bogacki 

Kalisha Gotten 
Carrington W. Crawford 
Jonathan H. Ellis 
Eron J. Evans 

Craig W. Flaherty 
Brooke E. Hammelman 
Jesse B. Harris 
Michael G. Heffelfinger 

Above: Steve. Cara. Craig, and Brooke looking 

good at the Dl White Coat Ceremony. 

Right: Hoe-down Heff practicing his chair square 



School of Dentistry 

Gene Hilton 

Forough A. Khasraghi 

Michael J. Kleinarai 

Brandon S. Marks 

Symone N. McQueen 

Maggie Nguyen 

Priya Patel 

Cara Schantz 

David Throckmorton 
Glemietta White 

Above left: Jamie, Katie and Betsy pretending to like "Jonathan's Meatloaf Surprise." 
Above right: front to back. Mike. Dave, the other Dave, and Colby loosen their belts after each eating 7 helpings. 


School of Dentistry 


Top, left: "Huh?" 
Top, right: A group grope 
between Brandon, Craig, 
Cara, Brooke, and Priya. 
Above, left: Cara, Jesse, and 
Brooke wondering what 
Dave is wondering about. 
Above, right: Priya perform- 
ing some weird variation of 
the Heimlich maneuver. 
Right: Dls in a rare spec- 
tacle of drinking on a week 


School of Dentistry 

Dental Hygiene 

Class of 2002 

Stephanie Anderson 
Cassandra Beaver 
Amanda Bucheral 
Benjamin Carlisle 

Jane Clements 

Vera Clementson 

Erin McCumber 

Wendy Najarro 

Eszter Pinter 

Ellen Schwarzenboeck 

Lisa Strong 

Heatherann Sumko 

Pamela Weston 

Mandy Workman 

Eun-A Yoo 

Below: Holly and Tanya together at last. 
Below, right: Leonard and lots o' women 
Bottom 'sUp! 

School of Dentistry 


Dental Hygiene students love 
to squat I 

Class of 2003 

Sarah Al-Mortaji 
Tanya M. Cauthan 
Tasha Cole 
Jill Delvillar 

Holly Gardner 
Dawn Lourenzo 
Whitney Mc Daniel 
Leonard Nunnally 

Melody Sheppard 
Melanie Spaur 
Nicole Stewart 
Carol Widdicombe 


School of Dentistry 

School of Medicine 






By anyone's reckoning, graduating from Medical School is one of life's major events. For 
many, the significance relates to accomplishing a goal, the end of a long struggle, becoming a 
physician. All of this is true but consider also, you have passed through the eye of a needle, 
through the looking glass, passed the last entry point into a long career of health care service. As 
your long academic struggle comes to an end, your life-long, on-the-job learning just begins. 
You are entering a remarkable century of unprecedented biomedical promise. Congratulations on 
gaining access to a fantastic life-long voyage. 

To the School of Medicine, Class of 2002, I say, "go out and get it," or to borrow a slogan, "Just 
do it. " All the best to you in your careers. 


^nC /l/^ /LuU^Sc^v^A • 

H.H. Newsome, Jr., M.D. 
Dean, School of Medicine 

School of Medicine 


Class of 2002 

Rebecca Adleman 
Ghazaleh Afshar 
James D. AUred, Jr. 
Michael F. Amendola 

Amin Amini 
Karen E. Anderson 
John Arledge 
Deborah A. Armstrong 

LesUe A. Bae 
Wendy Bowman 
Ako D. Bradford 
Kia Brown 

The M4 Softball team's 
perfect season came to a 
screeching halt when they 
were banned from tourna- 
ment play for excessive 
drunkness and taunting. 

School of Medicine 

Laura Burijon 

Bonnie A. Carmichael 

Christopher Carter 

Eric C. Chen 

Jessica M. Clement 

Ruth M. Coleman 

George Crits 

Chff Davis 

Above: This incendiary love triangle 
explodes during this trip to the mountains 
Right: Medical smdents work so hard 
their fourth year. 

School of Medicine 

Alan Flanigan 
Seth B. Forman 
Matthew J. Freeby 
Erick B. Freeman 

John E. Gee 
Kim George 
Negar Golesorkhi 
Liv Gorla 

Shannan A. Green 
Allan L. Hardy 
Theresa Hitselberger 
John Holly 

Andrew Hou 
Candice Huang 
Frank Hurst 
Novlet Jarrett 

Michael Jenks 
Wondiful Jones 
Apama H. Jonnal 
Sarah Kaplan 


School of Medicine 

Elizabeth A. Kleiner 

Susan T. Koo 

Priya Kundra 

Jeffrey Kushinka 

School of Medicine 


David S. Kwon 
Janet Lai 
Kathleen Lambert 
Lea Langdon 

Christopher Lau 
Matthew Lawrence 
Jay Levin 
Mama T. Lewis 

C. Vivia Liang 
Don Luong 
Tarn T. Ly 
Debabrata Maji 

Vivek V. Mathur 
Louis E. McAdory 
Prateek Mendiratta 
Nizam Missaghi 

Kerry M. Moss 
Kerrian Mross 
Abhilash P. Nambiar 
Ytanh Nguyen 


School of Medicine 

Above: Congratulations... 

twins! Why is one older than 

the other? 

Above, right: Samosas and 


Right: Looli what Laissa 

brought back from Africa. 

How'd she fit that in the 

overhead compartment? 

G. Laissa Ouedraogo 

John M. Page 

Mauiik Parikh 

Hyun- Young Park 

James Paskowitz 

Heather Peppard 

Greg Politzer 

Michael Regal 

School of Medicine 


Emily J. Resnick 
Melody Rice 
Peter Rim 
G. C. Robinson 

John Robison 
Emily F. Rudnick 
Adam Schechner 
Mark A. Scroeder 

Ben Schwartz 
Melissa Schwarzschild 
Kimberly Scott 
James Senechal 

Nalini Sharma 
Todd Shatynski 
Talmage Shill 
David Shu 

Juris Simanis 
Carolyn Sime 
Lynelle W. Slade 
Juanita L. Smith 


School of Medicine 

Matthew Smith 
Robert T. Smith 

Di Su ; 
Arash Taleghani i: 

Above: I think Ronald had too many McNuggets 
Right: These M4s are in New Orleans. Show me 

School of Medicine 


Above, left: Residents and 

suidents unite to simulate a 

group picture. 

Above: Watch out for these 

guys, ladies. They're smooth 


Left: It's not fair. Nizam 

always has to sit on the floor. 

Anjali Varandani 
Dawn Watkins 
Christina Wescott 
John Jay Whittle 

Barbara Wise 
Daniel Woodford 
Tracy Wright 


School of Medicine 

Right: A toast, to International Months. 
Below: More dangerous mountain 
adventures, this time involving a variation 
of the love triangle seen on page 66. 
Below, right: Getting ready to be rich 
doctors, these two practice their cigar 

Bottom: These cheap people didn't want 
to pay for glasses. 

School of Medicine 

Class of 2003 

Stephen Abbott 
Naureen Ali 
Hamid Aliabadi 
Carrie Ann Allen 

Lina Amini 
Rachel Amnions 
Paul Arnold 
Elisabeth Ashely 

llan Avin 
Leslie Badra 
Jennifer Baird 

Suji Bang 

Keith P. Berkle 

Seth Brant 

Lisa Call 

Karen Deborah Chena 

Jiyearn Katya Chung 
Rory Clawser 
Hugh Colvin 
Nira Colyn 


School of Medicine 

Rob Conklin 

Lauren Cooper 

Michelle DesChamplain 

Manjiri Didolkar 

Kelly Doyle 

Gaelyn Eaton 

Michelle Ellis 

Michael Feldman 

Mark Feldmann 

Marc H. Ferrera 

Katrina V. Fox 

Kara Fulcher 

Can you spot the only "real" 
Indian in this picture? (hint; 
it's not either of the white 

School of Medicine 

Todd A. Goodnight 
Dmitry Gorelik 
Julia Graves 
Daniel Casey Gray 

David A. Green 
Angelo Guanzon 
Thomas Guirkin 
Andrew R. Hawkins 


School of Medicine 

Cindy Hsu 

Christine Huynh 

Kimberly Ingram 

William Irvin 

Sowmya Iyer 

Christopher Jamerson 

Christian Jenski 

Kathy Johnson 

Ashley E. Jones 

Ali Kasraie 

Ahmad Khaldi 

Helen J. Kim 

James Kline 

Lisa Knust 

Deborah A. Koehn 

Flora Lackner 

Danny Kangmin Lee 

Suk-Hyung Steve Lee 

Amy Leuthauser 

Josh Levin 

School of Medicine 


Jeffrey K. Lou 
Eric Lyders 
John Bradley Malcolm 
Heather S. Masters 

Eric McCollum 
Ashley McCowen 
Katherine B. McNiff 
Anaela Middleton 

School of Medicine 

Nadim Nasr 

Pamela M. Neff 

Gregg Nicandri 

Anjali Nirmalani 

Andrea M. Oertel 

Jessica L. Orms-Smith 

Laura Paletta 

David Pastel 

School of Medicine 


Huge NASCAR fan, Robbie C. 

David Ross Salley 
Jessica Salt 
Daniel V. Santos 
Katherine R. Shew 


School of Medicine 

Michelle gcit left behind because of her irrational fear of oars. 

Gregory R. Trimble 

Ami Trivedi 

David Tung 


School of Medicine 


T. J. Wallace 
Sally C. Ward 
Brynn Sigal Wolff 
Erika Woodson 


School of Medicine 

Top, left: The ever suave, TJ. 

Top, right: What is wrong with these two 


Above: Michelle tries to guess Saumil's 

brand of aftershave. 

Above, right: Hey Chong doing the same 

to Omer. 

Right: M3s at Baby Shower Expo 2002. 

School of Medicine 

Left: M3s practicing trauma bandaging 


Below, left: Tell Santa Rob what you want 

for Christmas. 

Below: You're a bunch of babies. 

Bottom: Amy scouring Med Ball for 

unfmished drinks. 

School of Medicine 

Class of 2004 

Omaima Ataya 

Danny Avula 

Veronica Ayala-Sims 

Suhas Badarinath 

Ryan Ballum 

Nisha Bhatia 

Allison M. Blanks 

Susan Cross Bolton 

Christine J. Hey wood Bong 

Gary Bong 

Terry Brant 

Amanda Britt 

Michael Burdick 

Toni Bushman 

John Camp 

Brad Carlson 

Nic Castellano 

Arash Chehrazi 

Nandini Chhitwal 

Nandita Chhitwal 

School of Medicine 


Aaron Clark 
William Clark 
Robert Cocke 
Marion J. Colbum 

Hey what are y'all looking at? 

School of Medicine 

Tom Epperson 

Glenn Ereso 

Meredith Evans 

Imran Fatani 

Above: We've never seen snow before, (except for Alaskan Adam). 
Right: I love you so much! 

School of Medicine 

Elizabeth Iselin 
Shelby Jarrell 
Marie Kaminer 
Brian Kelley 

Jawwad Khan 
Sheila Khianey 
Ji Woon Kim 
Suzanne Kitces 

Left: Let's see who can smile the longest. 

Above: The ladies are looking good. The fellas? They could use 

some work. 

School of Medicine 

Patrick Maeng 

Marcy Maguire 

Mini Mahata 

Caryn Malkman 

Praveen Mamhalam 

Gabriela Mandolesi 

Leigh Marcus 

Jennifer Marler 

Mark Mattar 

Cory McGill 

Lennox McNeary 

Andrew Meyer 

Jeanette Millner 

Amy Moore 

Catherine Porter Moore 

Joel Moran 

Jessica Morton 

Sara Moshiri 

Akira Murakami 

Geoff Murphy 

School of Medicine 


Above, left: Surprisingly, no 

one stole any elf statues 

during Cheesy Lights Tour 


Far left: Sheila overdressed 

as usual. 

Left: Having only picked out 

a 2 cm booger from his own 

nose, Igor goes for the big 



School of Medicine 

Kimberly Palinski 

Samir Pandya 

Jason Pang 

Kerry Patterson 

Michael Phipps 

Heather Pierce 

Alifiya Poonawala 

Janis Price 

Right: OK, we're not leaving until all 

this wine has been imbibed. 

Below: Devoted Hoos and Jeffersonians 


Below, right: Hey, is that Usher? No 

wait, it's just Praveen. 

pBGINl \bGIHji 

School of Medicine 


Kelley Prince 
Dhanya Puram 
Jeffrey Ramos 
Brad Rash 

Leigh Reardon 
Rhodaline Rebano 
Michael Riggall 
Carla J. Riley 

Left: Take this Mandy! 

Below, left: I'd rather just understand 


Below: Sultry. Sexy. Drunk. 


School of Medicine 

Brett Roberts 

Charles Roberts 

Molly Rutherford 

Visant Sanathara 

Cecily Santos 

Victoria Saunders 

Kimberiy Schools 

Carl E. Schulze 

Nicholas Shah 
Neil Sharma 
Travis Shaw 

Whitney Short 

Jeannie Siri 

Corrie Smith 

John Snyder 

Michael Stevens 

Douglas Sward 

Teresa Tan 

Jimmy Thompson 

Maria Torrone 

School of Medicine 


Thuy Tran 
Tina Tran 
April Treas 
Amy Treece 

Marili Uno 
Leslie VanSchaack 
Sara Vieweg 
Carlos Villar-Gosalvez 

Left: Lars, watch out for Scary Spice! 
Above: Sara trying to force feed Rhoda her 
homemade "punch." 


School of Medicine 

Jonathan Wilcher 

Susan Wollersheim 

Calvin Wong 

Emily Woodard 

Top: I'm not really sure what look Shelby is 
going for. 

Left: 600 medical students wait breathlessly 
as the Great Gary attempts to high dive into 
a tub of slaw dressed in only a unitard. 
Above: Nisha trying to scoot in to steal 
some drinks. 

School of Medicine 


Above, left: Caryn's infamous Survivor party. 

Above, right: These medical suidents tliink these old buildings are obsolete. 
"Nothing compared to that new Short Pump Starbucks," states one. 
Left: Escargot connoisseur Pierre Jean-Luc Owen "summer-ing" in the 
French Alps. 

Left: "Huh?" 

Below, left: Rhoda and Glenn 

react as Jason tells a horrible 

joke about a rabbi, a priest, and 

a fox terrier stranded on a desert 


Below: Anna retaliates against 

Mark for sinking her battleship. 

School of Medicine 

Right: Ho Dzung blatantly 
discarding his Vietnamese 
heritage for the samosa 
filled Hindu faith. 
Below: After waiting two 
and a half hours for the 
parking shuttle, these M2s 
realize it's Sunday. 
Below, right: Stop licking 
things. Amy! 

School of Medicine 

Left: M2s playing cowboys 
and Indians. 

Below, left: Professional 
limosine driver, Tania 
Arora, showing friends why 
she dropped out of school. 
Below: Carlito and J.O. 
chug the foam off of their 

J Ces: I love to see a man upside 
'^' down! 

Jeannie: Reprehensible behav- 
ior. Look at that awful form. 


School of Medicine 

Right: Tryouts for the MCV X-Games 
snowboarding freeride challenge. 
Below: That is one succulent looking worm. 
Below, right: Phipps discovers a new way to 
pick up chics... salsa merengue lessons. 
Bottom, left: Now that's a classy lady! 
Bottom, right: Studying in the luxurious 
"wardens" of the famous Sanger courtyard. 

School of Medicine 


Left: Mt. Blanc. Hang. Glenn. Patrick, and 
Josh have been close friends for years. A little 
awkward now, due to the fact Glenn has just 
started going out with Hang. Mt. Blanc's ex- 

Below, left: Vince chooses Gabriella over 
Calvin for today's salsa lesson. 
Below: Princess Jeannie and her handmaidens. 
Toni and Caryn. 

Bottom, left: Drunk. Thanks for the view, 

Bottom, right: Mrs. Ballum and Sara shower- 
ing together. 


School of Medicine 

School of Medicine 


Above, left: If Leigh is hugging Aurora 

and Aurora is hugging Sara, who is Sara 


Above: Bad boys Neil. Saniir. Igor, and 


Left: Pretty. 

Below, left: The ever patient and stubborn 

Glenn sat here for 43 hours in order to see 

if glaciers really do move. 

Below: I hate to use the term again. 

but... pretty. 


School of Medicine 

Above: Women. 

Above, right: Sonia and Kunoor drink 

laughing juice (aka Long Island Iced 


Right: Mike Stevens and his Trauma 

Surgeon fiancee. 

Below: Leonen showing the location of 

two huge zits on Leigh's face. 

School of Medicine 


Above, left: Stop laughing at my pain! 
Above: Alifiya, Omaima. and Nisha strut 
their stuff. 

Left: Jeff caught on film at the exact 
moment he realizes Frasier is the same 
guy who played Frasier on Cheers. 
Below: Drunken debauchery at this 
birthday party. Marili decides it takes too 
much energy to sit on a stool. 


School of Medicine 

Top, Left: Carl cat-napping at Heathrow during a layover, woke up with only his boxers missing. Oh wait, he doesn't 

wear underwear. Right: Jeannie and Patrick together at last. But for how long? 

Middle, Left: Dhanya disgusted with Nic's total lack of hygiene. Right: Jonnie the sailfish Wilcher takes his buddies out 

on his boat. The Little Mermaid. 

Bottom, Left: Rugged outdoorsmen camp outside of MSB. Right: Why does Ces always laugh when I sing? 

School of Medicine 


vJtv u\Lqayui 

The following was written by a medical student in honor of those who so nobly donated their bodies in 
the name of science. These cadavers proved invaluable in the learning of anatomy. We medical 
students could never have discovered the complexities of the human body without them. For this gift, 
we thank you. 

Untitled tt3 

You were a poor historian. 

You never said a word about what was wrong, but I knew. . . 

I knew something was wrong. 

My other patients would say, "Hey doc, I have this throbbing pain in my shoulder." 

But you never complained. 

That scar on your abdomen meant something, but you wanted me to figure it out. 

You would never say a word. 

But you also never told me about your children, 

about how they used to play under the big maple tree 

that sat in the front yard of your house. 

You never mentioned that your husband used to whisper, "I love you," 

before you fell asleep every night. 

Or that when you were twelve years old, 

how you scored the winning run in that kickball game. 

You never told me how sad you were the day you found out your father passed away. 

Or about how much he enjoyed your chocolate chip cookies. 

You never told me about how seeing your grandchildren brought you so much happiness, 

that you forgot about all your pains. 

I saw you everyday 

and I did not know these things about you. 

Perhaps I just did not know enough to ask. 

Or maybe I was so engrossed in the learning of medicine, 

that I forgot to ask. 

But you never complained. 

In fact, I think that at night, 

when no one was looking, you were even smiling. 

You were smiling because you knew that with the passing of every day, 

you were changing my life. 

For you see, although I do not get to visit you as often now as I once did, 

I still see you everyday. 

You are in every patient that visits me. 

When that man complains about the leg pain, it is your muscles that I see, 

your tendons and blood vessels that I picture. 

For that, all the patients that I will see in my entire lifetime thank you. 

For that, I too, would like to thank you. 

You were a poor historian, but you made a great teacher. 

-W. W. Kao 

107 School of Medicine 

Class of 2005 

Frank Addivinola 
Karen Annis 
Sumanth Atluri -f ^S> 

Nadya Averbach ; 

Chris Ayers 

Scott Backus 

Jonathan Bae 

Igor Belyansky 

Lisa Bethea 

Shea Bethea 

Lesley Bevan 

Alex Biju 

Kira Bleecher 

Jason Blue 

Thomas Boro 

Donald Bowling 

James Bowman 

Matthew Boyce 

Jessica Brannon 

Justin Brockbank 

School of Medicine 


^r ^ ^L 

William Brown 
Karen Burch 
Evan Chen 
Jason Chiang 

Stephen Chiu 
Radhika Choksi 
Rebecca Clary 
Timothy Coker 

Look at all those melons 


School of Medicine 

Right: Stop pelting that guy on tiie left. 
Below: What a cute little bunny, except for its 
face. Ugh. 

Below, right: The cast of the Ml reproduction 
of Moulin Rouge. 

Ann Czamik 

Molly Daymont 

Bradley Deafenbaugh 

Lauren DeVries 

Jean-Anthony Do 

Brian Downing 

Jill Eckenberger 

Eric Eisemon 

School of Medicine 


Tami Engelman 
Katherine Falenski 
Kate Fancher 
Gary Fang 

Robert Ferguson 
Marisa Ferrera 
William Fleming 
Aaron David Fox 

Ithiel Fuller 
Aaron Goldberg 
Keith Golden 
Anne Graves 

Candyce Greene 
Neal Greenfield 
Jason Greenhalgh 
Erik Grossgold 

Shireen Gujral 
Jeffrey Guptill 
Daniel Ha 
William Hackworth 


School of Medicine 

Nathaniel Hamilton 

Lynn Harrington 

Jennifer Harris 

Victoria Hartt 

Neil Haycocks 

Emily Haynes 

Thanh Ho 

Sarah Hobgood 

Jessica Hoots 
Katherine Hrynciw 
Michael Huppmann 

Jamie Hutton 

David Ibrahimi 

Thomas Iden 

Megan Imholt 

Ann Isaac 

Srinivas Ivatury 

Yeganeh Jalaeian 

Sameer Jamal 

Laura Jarrell 

School of Medicine 


Below, left: Paige props a drunken passed out Aaron against her head to make it look like a kiss. 
Below, right: Lars, his sister Nicki. and Lesley. 

Jill Jinks 
Chris Johnson 
Janae Johnson 
Katherine Johnson 

Aaron Jones 
Katrina Kandra 
Nicole Kelleher 
Feras Khan 

Eun Kim 
Nicole Kissane 
Clara Krebs 
Richard Kunz 



School of Medicine 

Krutika Kuppalli 

Jonathan Kurz 

Edgar Lai 

Thuy Lan Le 

Two time amateur ballroom dancing champions 
dazzle the crowd at Med Ball. 

Beautiful, but deadly. 

School of Medicine 


Caroline Martin 
James May 
Paige McCarthy 
Katherine McClung 

Robert McKinstry 
Ryan McQueen 
Scott Midwall 
Kristini Miles 

An Ml in midfall. 

See. if you squeeze him, he makes a funny noise out 
of his butt. 


School of Medicine 

Michael Morse 

Michelle Mouria 

Michael Murchie 

Robert Neff 

Jessica Neidig 

Alice Nelson 

Karry Ngai 

Dinh Nguyen 

Hien Nguyen 

Michael Noto 

Martha O' Dell 

Kevin Olson 

Ben Ose 

Meera Pahuja 

Pauline Papavassiliou 

Haejoe Park 

Pierre-Luc Paultre 

Elizabeth Pedigo 

John Pham 

Rebecca Pinkham 

School of Medicine 


Robin Quesenberry 
Courtney Quinn 
Jerry Quirk 
Maanasi Rajaram 

Patrick Renton 
Amy Richardson 
Christa Riley 
Ahren Rittershaus 

William Luke Robinson 
Luis Roca II 
Kristina Royster 
Alison Rozmus 

Safety first, except for that 
daredevil Ml without the life 


School of Medicine 

Dmitry Ruban 

Dottie Sampson 

Colleen Samuel 

Eric Schmitt 

Andrew Simpson 

Marvin Singh 

Edward Springel 

Brian Suddarth 

Michele Sumler 

Honey Sward 

Saam Tabar 

Dylan Tiemey 

Lawrence Tong 

Pamela Traisak 

James Tribe 

Amie Urton 

Mary Vaden 

Greg Vanichkachorn 

John Vernon 

David Bruce Vioiette. Jr. 

School of Medicine 


Gregory Vosganian 
Yasmin Wagner 
Sala Webb 
Brian Wessman 

Gennifer Wiltshire 
Denise Wong 
Natalie Yazdani 
Tamar Yemini 

Left: These girls aren't sure 

where to look. 

Below, left: James Bond and 

Alotta Fagina. 

Below: Stop licking things 


School of Medicine 

Right: Is that Sylvester 
Stallone between those two 

Below: I've had too much 

Below, right: Amy is think- 
ing, "Get this freak off me." 

Friends dancing the night away. Stop trying to lift Honey's shirt up! I am giving you my "I'm sexy" look. 

School of Medicine 


Stop head-butting me! 

Hey, this pumpkin resembles my head. 

Here, touch this. 

Above, left: Let's all smile 
together. That's too much. 

Above: Let's make a toast to 
FCM, the greatest class ever. 
Left: No one wanted to lose 
their seat on the crowded couch, 
but they all had to go pee so 


School of Medicine 

Above: Heh, heh, heh, I 

have this plan, so 

unimaginably evil, that the 

very thought of it makes me 

tremble. It involves clowns. 

Hundreds of juggling 


Above, right: Sumanth 

cozying up to his escort for 

the night. 

Right: Ladies dressed in 

black, ready to steal smff. 

Below: Charlie's Angels, 

sort of. 

Below, right: Joey Scapone 

and Frankie Vilansky from 

the Class of 1973. 

School of Medicine 


Above, left: You can't see this. 

but none of us are wearing 


Above: Mis drinking, laughing, 

and later, crying. 

Left: Students playing an Oscars 

drinking game in which they 

had to take a swig every time 

Whoopi Goldberg made a bad 

joke. They made it fifteen 

minutes before all puking. 

Below, left: This baby is 

covering up after a really bad 

home perm. 

Below: Rocky and Adrian. 


School of Medicine 

Graduate Students 

Randy Abutin 

Pharmacoloijy and Toxicolocjv 

Rammy I. Alam 


John Alexander 


Diana Auyeung 

Phdrmacoloay dnJ Toxicolo' 

Angela Batman 

Pharmdcology dnJ Toxicolocjy 

Carlos Berbes 


Russell Bogacki 


Timothy H. Caven 

Microbioloijy dnJ Immunolofjy 

Hey Jina Chong 

Microhioloqy and /mmunoityr 

Amy Cluverius 


Yojana Dange 

Pharmacoloqy and Toxicoloijy 

Laxmikant Deshpande 


School of Medicine 


Lana Duckworth 

Human tjenctia 

Ashton Ennis 

Alaina Fields 


Leslie Filicky 

Grad students practicing being drunk. 

School of Medicine 

Amanda Mower 


Lucian Panait 

Johnequia Patterson 


Candace E. Scott 


Tina Scott 


Robert Spencer 


William Steelman 

PhaTmacologv and Toxicolocji 

Tiana Urgolites 

Microhiolocjv and Immunologv 

Above: She's mine, all mine. 

Right: Rammy horrified by the sight of Charlotte's 

grotesquely long tongue. 

School of Medicine 


Below: The best thing about weddings... the open 
Below: Chris likes to nudge people out of pictures using only her bar! 
head. This is a skill she acquired in boarding school. Middle, left: Bobby is also disgusted with the length 

of Charlotte's tongue. 

Middle, right: Hey look, we got awards. 

Left: Coach Abutin 
and his women's 
basketball team. 


School of Medicine 

School of Nursinj 

Dear Students of the Class of 2002: 

What an exciting time to be entering nursing as a new graduate. Health care institutions are anticipating 
your graduation. Schools of Nursing are eager to have you continue your education with them. The 
world awaits you, the new graduates. 

Society generally, and health care agencies specifically, recognize now as never before that you are a 
scarce national treasure to be supported and encouraged to become the best you can become. Oppormni- 
ties for you abound. 

As you progress through your career and life. I hope you remain connected to this, your alma mater, and 
your return on occasion to reminisce about "the way it was." You have been prepared with basics for 
entry into practice; we look forward to hearing how you continue to grow and develop from your profes- 
sional roots. I extend best wishes for a long and rewarding career. 




Nancy F. Langston. PhD. RN. FA AN 
Dean and Professor 
School of Nursing 

School of Nursing 


Class of 2002 

Amber Bamette 
Linda Bishop 
Jacquelyn Claude 
Melissa Goldsberry 

Kasey Hampton 
Doug Harwood 
Janean Hill 
Erin Hobaood 

Graham Hunt 
Angela Jensen 
Kenneth Kight 
Ashley Lucas 

Why do we have to sit on the floor? 


School of Nursino 

Michelle Mastin 

Lori Matheney 

Kara McDonald 

Dorthy Pitts 

Melissa Sands 

Jennifer Smith 

Monika Smith 

Bobbie Stamper 

Ashley Vamey 
Delia Yuskis 

Graduate Nursing 

Ron Alligood 

Todd Borchers 

Dayna M. Vango 

Right: Tammi and testicles. 
Far right: Class prez Patrice 
surfing dating sites to land 
the "perfect" guy. 

School of Nursing 


Left: Kara and Monika fooling everyone by looking very professional. 

Below: Amber and Angela chugging their eighth beer at Chili's Happy Hour 

after Monday classes. 

Below, left: Melissa, 
Patrice, and Lori waiting 
outside the principal's office. 
Below, right: Lauren 
overdressed as usual for this 
cocktail party. 
Bottom, left: Ginger, 
Melissa, Brooke, Sandra, and 
Dr. Boyle roving the halls 
looking for "volunteers" to 
stick IVs in. 
Bottom, right: Amber, 
Angela, and Kara with 
Gordiel That man is sexy, 
but oddly two dimensional 


School of Nursins 

Above: Elaine Firman 

planning the downfall of her 


Above, right: Your food 

looks better than mine. But 

don't you worry, I'll get the 

last laugh... 

Right: These seniors have 

another hard day of sitting. 

Below: The paparazzi catches 

these couples on the way to 

the formal. 

Below, right: Panic begins 

to take hold as the Neiman 

Marcus site aces down. 

School of Nursing 


Class of 2003 

Tiffany Adams 
Amanda Anderson 
Eric D. Anderson 
Zelda Benjamin 

Michelle Berry 
Kelley Blackwood 
Kathleen Cazin 
Erin Clewlow 


School of Nursins 

Right: Look at all these girls. Oh, 

and one guy. 

Below: Firewomen fundraising for a 

faster firetruck. 

Below, right: All these lights make 

Jessica sleepy. 

Leila Haddad 

Erin Holt 

Angela Hudgins 

McKinley Lawler 

School of Nursino 


Tammy McEndree 
Emily Moumjoy 
Karen Mulligan 
Natalie Orrock 

C. Paige Osborne 
Allison Pagani 
Jennifer Reynolds 
Jessica Schwartz 


School of Nursins 

School of Nursins 



School of Nursinc 

Right: Lavina, Karen, Yassie. Tiffany, 

and Laura on the town making men bow at 

their feet. 

Below: Ashieigh pretending Hke she got 

that joke. 

Below, right: Michelle and Emily on their 

new diet of only water, cabbage, and 

donating 2 pints of blood a day. Not 


Bottom: Emily playing the popular 

nursing party game, pin the catheter on the 

pee pee. 

Bottom, right: End of finals! The two in 

the middle decide to square dance. 

School of Nursing 


Left: Danny, temporarily light headed and 
confused after giving 6 liters of blood, could 
have sworn Rachel asked him to kiss her. 
Below, left: Liz and Natalie about to brawl 
over the last Twix. 

Below: A smile only a mother could love. 
Bottom, left: Zelda, what are you doing? 
Bottom: Jessica making love to the French 
onion dip. 


School of Nursing 

Class of 2004 

Marva Allbritton 
Kenneth Brown 

Loanna Coleman 
Deborah Dibich 

Joann Fisher 
Mujania Flora ^ 
Jennifer Forhnes 
Cami Hagwood 

Kimberli Harris 

Laura Heffner 

Ashley Hutchinson 

Ife Inihotep 

Connie Jackson 

Sarah Krupp 

Mary McClelland 

Katherine Morgan 

Candice Phelps 

Nancy Podbesck 

Crystal Richardson 

Anna Samras 

School of Nursing 


Renee Seaman 
Rebekah Sluys 
Kelly Summers 
Amy Williams 

Carla Williams 
Jacqueline Womack 

Far left: Rebekah likes drinking. 

Above: Natalie ('03) and Heather, a cute 


Left: The first Dean, straight up chillin'. 


School of Nursing 

School of Pharmacy 

I am very pleased to take this opportunity to salute the graduating class of 2002. For the past four 
years we had the privilege of guiding you on the road to becoming a pharmicist. You have at your 
disposal unlimited potential for success. You have already given much of your time and energies to 
the School and to the profession and we are grateful. But you will be asked to do more and I am 
confident that you will. It is often said that the best thing we can do in life is to discover our strengths 
and build upon them. In designing strategies to accomplish this, I urge you to keep in mind that you 
must be committed to lifelong learning. I hope each of you will carry away from the School of 
Pharmacy a love of learning, a desire to learn, and an appreciation for how important it is to learn. It 
must be a continuous process that evolves throughout your lifetime. I hope you carry with you a 
feeling of pride and accomplishment as you leave this University and School of Pharmacy. We are 
honored that you have chosen our program to prepare you to practice your profession, and we hope 
you will allow us to continue to play a significant role in your professional growth and development in 
the fumre. 

All of us at the School of Pharmacy wish you the very best in the years ahead 

School of Pharmacy 


Class of 2002 

David Adams 
Tim Baumgarder 
Jennifer Belote 
Susan Biemot 

Nora Black 
Jennifer M. Brasser 
Heather Brittingham 
Mary Beth Butler 

Dana Cannon's wedding looked like so much fun. all of 
her friends decided to 2et married that weekend, too. 


School of Pharmacy 

Right: Sharon. Denise. Erin, and 
Kelly fight over Rob. What a lucky 
son of a... 

Below: Someone in this picture is 
drinking more than everyone else. 

Uyen Do 

Vicki Duong 

David Eades 

Michael Elliott 

Stephanie Flythe 

Kelly Foley 

Daniel Geary 

Julie Gerum 

School of Pharmacy 


Left: Cartman and girlfriend Kelly in 
search of cheesy poofs. 
Below: Dr. Dunn's Practicum end of 
the year dinner was a hit until the hot 
do2 incident. 

Jay T. Graham 
Kelly Hayse 
Than T. Ho 
Seth Hodgkins 

Maria Ibrahim 
Amy Jemigan 
Brian Jones 
Ronald Kniahts 


School of Pharmacy 

Tara Kompare 


Denise Lyons 

Lora V. Mazsure 

Robert McClelland 

Shelly L. McComas 

Shannon R. McGraw 

Paige Mintz 

Joseph Morgereth 

Huu Nguyen 

Tran Manh Nguyen 

Erin Nuckols 

Grace K. Park 

Angela Passero 

Tina M. Pavese 

Kelly Peters 

Saveen Philip 

Lori Proeschel 

Priti Ranparia 

Arash Raoufinia 

School of Pharmacy 


Racquel Rivera 
Mary Grace Rojas 
Melissa A. Ronquillo 
Melissa A. Ruark 

Sharon Schrader 
April R. Serrano 
Jea Yeon Shin 
Kristin A. Swain 

Above: This bridal shower meant 
only one thing to Azra...bath gel, 
bath gel, and more bath gel. 
Left: Thong practicing his "I 
Dream of Jeannie" pose. 


School of Pharmacy 

Nicolette Tailer 

Chardae Taylor 

Gibb Thompson 

Thong Van Tran 

Jodi Viar 

Daniel A. Watson 

Mary Scott Willoughby 

Sarah E. Wynn 

School of Pharmacy 


Left: Susan and Kelly finally mix the 

right amounts of Fexofenadine and 

Guaifenesin to make the perfect peanut 

butter cookies. 

Below, left: Robert, Melissa, and Kelly 

admiring the journalistic integrity of last 

year's X-Ray Yearbook. 

Below: Patty, Than, Han, and Priti in 

New Orleans eating their eighth meal of 

the day. 

Left: There's nothing 
better than Jodi's 
parties, except for 
maybe those peanut 
butter cookies (see 


School of Pharmacy 

Right: Denise. Sharon. Mary 
Beth. Erin, and Grace 
interlocking arms. 
Below: Michelle choking 
April for her insubordination. 
Below, right: Let's see how 
far we can stretch lan's jacket 
Bottom: Those P3s are weak! 
We destroyed them. 

School of Pharmacy 


Left: lan's wedding was the 
hot event of the year. 
Below, left: The end of the 
year cookout nearly mrned 
into a nightmare as all the 
coleslaw ran out. Luckily 
there was a reserve of 
German potato salad. 
Below: Mike and Lachelle's 
wedding was rivaled only by 

Bottom: Chardae. Michelle, 
April, and Linh always 
forget to take their IDs off 
their shirts. 


School of Pharmacy 

Right: Nicolette, Lori, and Mary Scott enjoying the 
beautiful and luxurious Smith Building picnic area. 
Below: Kelly and Mary enjoying the senior banquet, 
at least Kelly is. 

Below, right: Arash claim these girls as his. 
Bottom: Lots of people. 

School of Pharmacy 


Class of 2003 

Seth Agyepong 
Katie Austin 
Philip Ball 
Katie Beasley 

Eric Bryner 
Mindy Burkholder 
Christina Cady 
Ashely Choi 

Tonya C. Chrichlow 
Rhonda D. Cobb 
Tammie Conway 
Angela R. Curry 

Left: YMCA! Scott 
Gilmer, Eileen Halpin, 
Heather Freebum, Denise 
Lyons. Katie Beasley, and 
Tia Eddy. At least Katie isn't 
a milk carton this year. 


School of Pharmacy 

Toyin Degun 

Khadija Diallo 

Lauren Dombrosky 

Angela Dyer 

Tia Eddy 

Vince Ettare 

Robert Eric Faulkner 

Heather Freebum 

Kamy Fung 

Effie Gillespie 

Scott Gilmer 

Erin Griffin 

Right: Katie Beasley goes 
for the "gold" on the 
Nottoway. Too bad she was 
stuck on this rock for 7 

School of Pharmacy 


Eileen Halpin 
Tonya Henderson 
Dana Mines 
Meredith M. Howell 

Nga Huynh 
Angela Hwang 
Stephanie Hwang 
Leigh Anne Hylton 

Kelly Jones 
Jennifer Justice 
Blake Keller 

Shelli Kellner 

Left: Jessica Snell at her 
wedding with her fellow 


School of Pharmacy 

Christina Kennedy 

Loi Kha 

Hyun-So Kim 

Kristin Konopka 

Jennifer Langford 

Meredith Linder 

Han Luu 

Theresa Hoa Mai 

Steven May 

Krishna Naik 

Teddy Negash 

Bao-Chau Nguyen 

Bich Nguyen 
Dzung Nguyen 
Kathy Nguyen 

Mai Nguyen 

Quynh-Anh Nguyen 

Meg Nichols 

Samuel Osafo 

Nathan Painter 

School of Pharmacy 


Above: Tia and Eileen pretending not to be scared 
on tlie Log Flume. Good thing all that water hides 
the fact that they peed their pants. 
Right: Vince Ettare and Jodi Viar at the Virginia 
Tech HomecomLng in beautiful Blacksburg. 
Below: Jake with his 4 dates (one for every hour): 
Patricia Wescott, Rebecca Smith, Meredith Howell, 
and Jacki Weissen. 


School of Pharmacy 

Dipti Patel 

Kalpesh Patel 

Pinaki Patel 

Kathleen Patteson 

Rachel Paxton 

Cynthia Peterson 

Stephanie Procise 

Janel Rodas-Banker 

Deep Sawhney 

Liza Schmiedeberg 

Courtney Schultz 

Chris Seaman 

Right: Chris and Eric at 
Lake Tahoe. A weekend of 
skiing and gambling. Perfect. 

School of Pharmacy 


Left: P3s souting job 
opportunities on the Vegas 
Strip. This Walgreens has a 
slot machine in the employee 

Rebecca Smith 
Jessica Snell 
Kristin B. Surface 
Danny Tepovich 

Bonnie Tucker 
Jacqueline Weisen 
Kandace Whitley 
Chad Worthington 

Peggy Yu 


School of Pharmacy 


Left: P3s on the set of Full House. 

Below: Hey. let's play peekaboo. 

Middle, left: These pharm students eventually get arrested for skinny 


Middle, right: P3 girls practicing leaning backwards. 

School of Phannacy 

Below: It's moments like these that makes being Santa all worth it. 
Right: Chris Seaman gets everything he wanted under the tree this 

Middle, left: Licking perverts and elves, someone call the cops. 
Middle, right: If you squint your eyes enough, it almost looks like 
these girls are tlying. Actually, no it doesn't. 

School of Pharmacy 

Top, left: Kelly wins big in Vegas... 1.000 nickels! 

Top, right: Nick deciding between Mt. Dew and rum. Well, he 

doesn't need any more caffeine. 

Left: Kathleen starts the disgusting habit of dipping Skoal. She's a 

redneck at heart. Ask her about the NASCAR race in Bristol she 

went to last year. 

Above: Katie, Mindy, Eileen, Denise. Jen, and Tia at the KE/KY 

Formal . 

School of Pharmacy 


Class of 2004 

Jessie Banda 
Satjit Singh Brar 
Paige J. Bush 
Ryan Cahoon 

Catherine Calimer 
Brent Carter 
Emily-Marie Castillo 
Chris Deitch 

Steven Dunn 
Myra Gobble 
Heather Allison Greene 
Silvana Guillen 


School of Pharmacy 

Jenny Guyer 

J. R. Hanley 

Christine Hayag 

Jason Hoffman 

Heather Holt 

Phaneth Keo 

Amy Kim 

Jessica Kim 

T. Scott Lang 

Waiman Law 

Jung Lee 

Lori Lewis 

Right: Having fun at the 

formaL as long as everyone 

has a drink. 

School of Pharmacy 


Anastasia Makris 
Erika Massenburg 
Bobby Mayfield 
Candice Olfato 

Drema Osborne 
Latousha Parker 
Gretchen Partin 
Eric Daniel Phipps 

Delya Pilkenton 
Jennifer Pope 
Tonya Price 
Rebecca Reitz 

Left: P2 girls kicking butt at 
the tug-of-war competition. 


School of Pharmacy 

Delaina Richardson 

Kimberly Royer 

Stephen Rudder 

Holly Russell 

Danya Salaita 

Mavis Serwaah 

Amber Smolewski 

Matt Stanley 

Amy Stephenson 

Mark Sturgiii 

Allison Suter 

Francesca Swailes 

Dan Tassone 

Martin C. Taylor 

Donna Lisa Thomas 

Roslyn Thomas 

Nick Varney 
Tori Yamarik 
Coty K. Yates 

Opposite page, top 
left: Brian Miller 
proudly displaying 
his Best in Show 
trophy for his 
standard poodle, 
Queenie. Top, 
right: Mavis electric 
slidin'. Bottom, 
left: Catherine and 
Waiman "loving" 
each other. Bottom, 
right: Donna Lisa 
and Blake sharing a 
moment toaether. 

School of Pharmacy 


School of Pharmacy 

School of Pharmacy 


School of Pharmacy 

Top: Anatasia Makris, 
Amy Cluveris, Gretchen 
Partin, and Allison 
Suter: do your mothers 
know you're at Dirty 

Middle, left: Amber 
Smolowski and Sandra 
Philipi are happy to see 

Above: Delya Pikenton, 
Amy Stephenson, and 
Dream Osborne wonder- 
ing where all the 
handsome men are. 
Left: Pre-partying 
before the Pharmacy 
formal . 

School of Pharmacy 


Class of 2005 

Olatunke O. Ajijola 
Vera D. Asante 
Megan Barker 
Jessica Blalock 

Racquel J. Blocker 
Kevin Bluxome 
Natalie D. Boaz 
Anne Marie Bott 

Jessie Brown 
Carianne Bruner 
Sara Campbell 
Kristy Cho 

Left: Fadi Shamma pretend- 
ing to shoot Natalie Boaz, 
Josh Garling, Diana 
Willman. Megan Barker. 
Katie Stephens. Ola Ajijola. 
Eric Sendykar, and Carianne 


School of Pharmacy 

The love of friends on 
Valentine's Day: Natalie 
Morton. Gwen Sanderlin. 
Jessica Blalock, Christine 
Dorsey, Teaonsha Dendy. 
June Gamer, Vera Roberts. 


Janene Cornish 

Leighann Cruey 

Teaonsha Dendy 

Christine Dorsey 

Kwame Ennin 

Adebimpe Fabunmi 

Kevin Ferguson 

Jennifer Foster 

Josh Garling 

June Gamer 

Melanie Goodnight 

School of Pharmacy 


The Pis doing the most 
simultaneous shots of grape 
juice in the history of the 
Pharmacy School. 

Angela Gray 
Donald Howell 
Tanadia Jackson 
Amanda Jones 

Irene Nangui Kim 
Aimee Lester 
Michelle Lim 
Eileen Marcelo 

Delane Markley 
Natalie Morton 
Ngoc-Diep Nguyen 
Britt Osborne 


School of Pharmacy 

Michelle Owen ^ ''. 

Sheila Owens i \ 

Sumit Prasad f -»■ 

Bill Presley A I 

Kathleen Rafter 

Gretchen Ragadio 

Zach Ramsey 

Vera Roberts 

Cory A. Rotz 

Michelle Rowland 

Nazaneen Sadeghi 

Gwen Sanderlin 

Eric Sendykar 

Fadi Shamma 

Emily Sperberg 

Jeanetta Thomas 

Stephanie Tomlinson 
Carmen Trent 
Ximena Tuhey 
Carrie Walker 

School of Pharmacy 


Jama Weist 
Diana Willman 
Charles Yaafi 
Kitty Yau 

Erin Zatelli 

Left: Sheila Owens. Stephanie Tomlinson, Ola 
Ajijola. Mayumi Yamagata-Fischer, Zach Ramsey, 
and Bimpe Fabunmi won't let anyone pass without a 
French kiss or 25 cents. 

Below: Jen Pope. Brent Osborne, Doug Derring, 
Jeanelle Penatlor, Nazaneen Sadeghi, Emily Landon, 
Britt Osborne. Aimee Lester at the MCV Formal. 


School of Pharmacy 

Right: Natalie Boaz wondering why no one passes her the » 


Below: Nazaneen Sadeghi, Janelle Penaflor. Emily Landon I 

pretending to be paying attention in class.. 

Above: Anthony Matney, Chris Starcher, Natalie Boaz, 

Josh Garling, Susan Wooten, Angela Gray, Katie Stephens, 

Brent Osborne. JeffCies, and Fadi Shamma show team 


Right: Jeff Cies and Josh Garling flashing their southside 

"Pharm boys" gang sign. Check out their upcoming rumble 

with rival gang. Backstreet boys. 

School of Pharmacy 


Left: Wintergreen skiing! Emily Landon and Britt Osborne 
prepare to fall 28 times each. 

Below: Raquel Blocker. Jessie Brown, Kathleen Rafter, 
Carianne Brunner with their brand new sparkling white 
coats. This is the best these coats will ever smell. 

Above: Tim Fleisher, Britt Osborne, Stephen Rudder, and Aimee 

Lester bumping into each other before the Formal. 

Left: Brent Osborne's bull's eye. His other eye is made of cheese. 


School of Pharmacy 

Top: Brent. Joe Quails, Anthony, 
Scott Still, Fadi, and Jared Street 
are tough, yet sensitive. 
Above: Two smiles to brighten the 
day: Jessica and Christine. 
Middle, right: Jeanelle Penaflor, 
Eileen Marcelo, and Aimee Lester 
eat 4 dozen wings each. 
Right: Pis partying to Sweet Child 
O' Mine. 

School of Pharmacy 

Left: Angela Hedgins. Angela 
Torres. Diana Willman, and Jama 
Weist: seductresses at work. 
Middle, left: Diana is trying to 
stare you down. Jama and Leighann 
are just there for support. 
Below: Nazaneen and Jeanelle 
ditched their dates to be together. 
Bottom: Myumi. June. Diana. 
Amand. Stephanie. Carrie Ann, 
Michelle. Emily, and Sarah love 
drinkinu together. 

School of Pharmacy 

Top: Kristy Cho, Diep Nguyen, Jessica 

Rivera, Robin Witlow. Sheila Owens, 

Zach Ramsey, Donald Howell, Michelle 

Lim have caved into the coporate pressure 

of CVS. 

Above: Waiman Law, Catherine, Donna 

Lisa, June, Shakema, Rashem, Christine 

practicing their perfect triangle formation. 

Middle, right: Sumit Prasad and Eric 

Sendykar will have diarrhea in a matter of 


Right: Christine, Jessica, and Natalie 

Morton happy because they didn't have to 


School of Pharmacy 

Top: Anthony trying to choose between 

either 2 beers or Ola, Sumit, Leighann. 

Fadi. Azi Iranmanesh, Diana, and Cyndi 


Middle, left: Megan and Carrie Ann 

trying to crush a can. Do not mess with 


Above: Ola and Melanie Goodnight at 

their White Coat Ceremony. 

Left: Jessica, June, Christine, Tanadia 

Jackson, and Natalie huddle to discuss 

their plans for world domination, or at 

least going shopping tomorrow morning. 

School of Pharmacy 

•tudent Life 

Student G 


overment r^ssociation 


Vice President Social 

Vice President Philanthropy 


Randy Abutin 

Christy Coleman 

■PM^ -^ ..,. 

SGA President 

Honor Council President 

Matt Lee 

Ciiris Kinney 

Vice President Student Lite 
Chris Seaman 

Zeida Benjamin 

Cecily Santos 

X-Ray Yearbook Editor 
Patrick Maeng 

Dean of Student Affairs 
Robert Clifton 

"Psst. Hey Kelley , when is this excruciat- SGA reps doing a fantastic job of pretending 
ingly boring meeting over?" to be awake. 

Student Government Association 



Top, left: Hey, redneck guy, you're not exactly perfect, but you can do better than that. He's a man, man. 
Top, right: Shane didn't come dressed up at all, but Saumil and Naureen are looking sharp. 
Above: Is that Jawwad or Glenn in the middle there'? Rusty helped build the new Gateway building. 


Medical College of Virginia 

Top, left: An Indian John Travolta. 

Top, right: Queen of the Nile with the Wicked Witch of the West. 

Left: A side effect of Richard Simmons' weight program is intense 

chest hair growth. 

Above: Bonnie as Pipi Longstocking, Whitney as a skeleton, and 

Cindy as an angel. 

Trick or Treat 


Top, left: Lenny Kravitz and that Crocodile guy. 

Top, right: Look at those short shorts. There's only one word for 

that... sexy. 

Above: Two really hairy dudes. 

Right: She's 6'8" with the hair, 5'2" without it. 


Medical College of Virginia 

Right: Gene Simmons of Kiss hitting on Medusa. 

Below: PT's always look good, except for Franz o\ 

there on the left. 

Below, right: Now that is a fairy. 

Bottom: Nursing smdents love to dress up. 

Trick or Treat 


Left: Stoners. 

Below, left: Cowgirl and Indian fight over Billy the 


Below: Children of the night. 

Bottom: Ryan, Asian trailer trash with a beautiful 



Medical College of Virginia 

All Dressed Up... 

Virginia Commonwealth University 



Medical College of Virginia 








Student Life 

Virginia Commonwealth University 198 


Medical College of Virginia 

Virginia Commonwealth University 



Medical College of Virginia 

Virginia Commonwealth University 



Medical College of Virginia 

Virginia Commonwealth University 



Medical College of Virginia 

ThankYou Kindly 

The X-Ray staff would like to thank... 

Dean Robert Clifton, Dean of Student Affairs 

Mr. James Miller, Director of Student Activities 

Ms. Victoria Hardy and her associates at Carter Printing Company 

Mr. Wayne DeMenti and his associates at DeMenti Studios 

Dr. Cecil B. Drain, Dean of School of Allied Health 

Dr. Ronald Hunt, Dean of the School of Dentistry 

Dr. H. H. Newsome, Jr., Dean of the School of Medicine 

Dr. Nancy Langston, Dean of the School of Nursing 

Dr. Victor Yanchick, Dean of the School of Pharmacy 

Ms. Tonnie Peoples, Larrick Student Center 

Seriously, thank you. 206 

James W Miller 

^ -;^fe 


Larrick Student Center 

The Student Government Association of Virginia Commonwealth University - 
Medical College of Virginia would like to thank Mr. Miller for all of his help 
throughout the years. His dedication to the students of this campus will certainly 
be missed. We will always remember his ever-cheerful countenance and appreciate 
his years of service to the students. He has been the heart and soul of the SGA. 

For that, we thank you. Please enjoy retirement to its fullest, but visit us from 
time to time. 


James W. Miller 

The Editors 

Patrick Maeng 


I would sincerely like to thank my assistant editor, 
Cecily Santos for ail of her help and hard work. A 
big thank you to Vicky Hardy for her patience and 
printing prowess. Thanks to Glenn Ereso for the use 
of his computer, Delia, to Suhas Badarinath for his 
laptop, and Jawwad Khan for his camera work and 
scanning. I would also like to thank Marili Uno for 
contributing her eloquent 9-11 essay and to Will 
Kao and Rob Mansman for their contributions. 
Thanks to my family, Charles, Carol, and Brian 
Maeng for their love and support. And a special 
thanks to my spunky friend, Kobe Tai, for her last 
minute inspiration. 

Cecily Santos 

Assistant Editor 

...right back at you, O, whip-cracking Chief. 
Thanks to my family and friends for their support. 
Special mention goes to my Top 5: Russell, 
Matthew, Chris, Mel, and Colin. Thanks to the 
Tri. the POD, the Bogs, Chathill, and Marbles. 

X-Ray 2002 



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